Rescuing, protecting and giving a home for cows that otherwise would have met an end in the slaughter houses. What started off with one calf, today our gowshala houses 30 plus cows and 5 plus calf’s. A full fledged facility and organically grown manure that helps with their feed all done within the premise makes them all the more healthy and active. Most of these cows are rescued from slaughter houses and givena good life under one house.

Our intensive Veda Paatashala project aims to house students from different parts of the country, being trained in vedas extensively in our residential premises and also pursuing their education side by side in our school. The students also will be handling the puja’s in the Shiva Temple and will stay alongside the temple and gowshala inside our premise. The timelines for the same are from June 2024 to December 2024 .

Our much ambitious Shiva temple will be constructed by the best of temple artisans from multiple states. The idols will be given after intensive puja’s from the Kanchivaram and Shringeri mutt among many other holy places. The timelines for the same are between June 2024 to December 2024.